Edward Mastrangelo Celebrates 30 years!

Edward Mastrangelo started practicing Law in California in 1978. He has focused on helping people that have been injured or wronged by others for nearly 30 years. This is the kind of legal experience that you want on your side. Don’t give up on your fight, let the Mastrangelo Law Offices go to work for you.

Burn Victim Gets Award

A burn victim who was told “accidents happen” received a major win with the help of the Mastrangelo Law Offices. The victim was hurt and had bills piling up and thanks to the Mastrangelo Law Offices, he is returning to his life. The Mastrangelo Law Offices can help you through your injury so you can get back to your life.

Wrongful Death Case Settles for $8,000,000.00

The family of a man that was injured fatally when he pulled over to look at his vehicle settled their claim for $8,000,000. The Mastrangelo Law Offices were there to help with this wrongful death case.

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