Insurance Problems

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One of the difficulties in dealing with insurance companies that the Mastrangelo Law Offices specializes in is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD.  RSD is also sometimes called Chronic Pain Reflex Syndrome or CPRS. If you’re suffering from the effects of RSD, chances are you’re enduring an unreasonable amount of pain every day. If that’s true, you need to do whatever you can to make sure that your medical issues are managed as carefully as possible, as no one can properly function while in pain. Even if you have been paid by the insurance company you may still need more care.

However, an aspect of suffering from RSD that’s too-often overlooked is handling your legal issues. You may be overwhelmed with the management of your condition and may not want to deal with handling legal issues as well, but that’s why you need to contact an attorney who might be able to help. An experienced RSD attorney is literally a walking RSD legal guide, and he or she will be able to handle the bulk of your legal issues for you, removing that burden from your shoulders so you can get the medical help you need.

Who is responsible for my RSD?

RSD is extremely difficult to locate, and by logical result it’s also difficult to decipher who or what caused it. Many times after a major accident you may still have some level of RSD appear. The RSD may from the accident itself, injuries suffered in the accident or even from surgery meant to correct the damage from the accident.

In this situation, your doctor or medical staff could possibly be responsible for either failing to recognize the issue or not preventing it from occurring or getting worse. This is a question your attorney can help you find the answer too, and he or she will be able to do so only after a proper investigation.

What happens if my doctor is at fault for my RSD?

If your RSD is found to be the result of faulty medical care, your attorney at the Mastrangelo Law Offices will go to work for you. Our attorney’s are skilled in the art of dealing with medical providers and enormous insurance companies in order to get you a fair result. RSD has no known cure, so once you get it, you may have it for life.

How long do I have to decide whether or not to pursue a claim?

Since every case is different, only after a free consultation with an attorney will the attorney be able to give you a specific answer in this regard. Generally speaking, the time limits are not very long. Every state legal system has statutes of limitation in place, and these statutes in effect place a time limit on your ability to pursue a claim, even if it’s proper in every other respect. The bottom line is that you should not wait if you are suffering from RSD or CPRS, you need to contact an attorney today. It will cost you nothing, and you have nothing to lose except for a rightful recovery. The Mastrangelo Law Offices have been helping people from all over the East Bay Area for over 30 years. Call for a free consultation today – 925.258.0500